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Dave Burdett, author of The Map, A Logan Nash Adventure, action/adventure novel series

The Map, A Logan Nash Adventure

Around the world adventure with Logan Nash

The Map
A Logan Nash Adventure
by Dave Burdett

When eccentric billionaire philanthropist Colton Braxton III is diagnosed with leukemia, he concocts a wild scheme. Always the black sheep of his family, he plans a treasure quest—his chance to be known for what he truly is—a passionate adventurer with a spirit that defies his social status. His bizarre will consists of the ultimate scavenger hunt, one that challenges even the most hardcore adventurer.
A copy of the map to the mystery fortune ends up in the hands of adventurer Logan Nash, a budding treasure hunter who has forsaken that life after a near-death encounter with the unscrupulous treasure hunter Dr. Victor Kane.
Nash is drawn back into that life by the hope of not only untold riches, but the promise of the ultimate adventure. Nash’s pursuit of Braxton’s treasure takes him from the depths of the sea to exotic lands spanning all four corners of the Earth where he faces romance, danger, and betrayal—and the nemesis of his past, who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the treasure.

...from the author...

Hi, my name is Dave Burdett, author of "the Map", the first Logan Nash adventure. Even before "The Map" was out in print, the next Logan Nash adventure was already taking shape.
I hope that my passion for travel and adventure shines through in the adventures of Logan Nash. In this site you will find more information about myself, as well as upcoming projects in the works.
My hope is that the Logan Nash adventures will not only entertain you, but also that they will also inspire you to explore this amazing planet of ours and it's endless wonders.

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Dave Burdett, author of The Map, A Logan Nash Adventure, action/adventure novel series

Dave Burdett

Around the world adventure with Logan Nash